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January 2020

What Is It About January?

Over a year. Wow. That's how long it's been since the last crafting of a blog post. That was January 4, this is January 15. After reading the two posts from last January, I can confidently state that some things refuse to change. Apparently, they require someone to change them, as they simply will not change themselves.

After a few weeks of furiously repetitive picking, my lifelong practice of not playing the banjo resumed well before the calendar turned to its second month, and the thing has been touched only on occasions to move it during vacuuming or creating space for an air mattress on the floor of the room in which it resides. I did make myself pick a few strings for a minute or so over the course of the year just to say I did, but could not say where the actual finger picks are. They are not lost, nor are they thrown away, of that much I am certain. But no more than that.

I also steadily kept up the habit of not recording any audio or video for others to consume. No podcasts or Youtubes were created in 2019. Consistency!

On a positive note, I did manage to continue my active involvement in the lives of those who also reside under the same roof as I do, even if their residencies were and continue to be interrupted by stays on their college campuses for days, weeks, even months on end. I continue to be awestruck at the activity and accomplishments of my wife and kids, and though it is barely two weeks into 2020, they are already crushing it within their own particular universes.

While I did manage to bang out tens of thousands of words of one novel, I also crafted several hundred to a few thousand words in each of a few others. Having multiple irons in the fire is the way I've always rolled, and 2019 was no different. 2019 was also the year of honing in on what my channel would be, knowing that focusing on too many subjects is the same as focusing on none at all. My solution is to work in a little history, philosophy, and maybe religion to my tech videos, but only enough to where if the viewer blinks, it will be missed. An interesting or informative side observation or background item here and there will serve only to provide some additional color to the real subject of the video, with long digressions kept to a minimum, if not avoided altogether.

So, 2020. Where have you been all my life? I'm ready, tech topics are ready, my gear and know-how are ready. Let's start this thing!