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July 10, 2007



Worth: thanks. I discussed that punctuation/ grammar issue with somebody who has hired several top-250 exec in his bank, which is amongst the world's top-5 banking groups. He said at the seniority level of my friend (some 13 years post-MBA), quality content is expected and is no big deal; but bad communication, bad grammar and spelling, and poor expression (written or oral) are a deal-breaker to the extent that the person will not get a look-in for an interview. Now apart from the fact that this friend brand-manages a product category fast becoming the domain of the social pariah in the west, he has tried to get out of his job for several years, without success. The arrival of a baby has now precipitated a moral crisis I think, but my money is on that his 'content' is not getting him far, so may be he should look at usage? Yes I know I am being bitchy but if I truly were being so, I would point you to his blog and ask you to judge for yourself...

PS: Like Pontius Pilate, I wash my hands off any responsibility for catalysing the Battle of the Study in the Worth household ;-)

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