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Prices for Adwords Keywords

On Feb.19, I created a new AdWords campaign for people searching for blogs so I could check the various bids for keywords.  What a difference 10 days makes for certain keyword prices!  On that day, almost every keyword I entered had a minimum bid of around $.15 per click.  Keep in mind that you would actually pay less than that, usually by several cents; that's merely your bid, your "not to exceed" price per click.  And you would obviously bid higher than the minimum for higher placement in the ads.  Out of 10-15 keywords, the ones along the lines of "tech blogs", "best tech blog", "business blogs", etc. were the cheapest, while "political blogs", "conservative blogs", "best political blog", etc. went for minimums of $.20-.25 per click, so quite a bit more (.25 is 67% more than .15).  Earlier this week, I checked again and noticed that several of the political keywords had gone up to $.50, and later the same day to $1.00!  Apparently the Presidential campaigns are discovering AdWords right this very week:  yesterday and today, "conservative blogs", "best liberal blog", and "political blog" are going for $1 (there are differences if you use "blog" or "blogs", so cover your bases - "best liberal blogs" with the "s" at the end is only .50 instead of 1.00 without the "s"), and SHOCKINGLY, "best political blogs" has a minimum bid of $5 PER CLICK.  It was $.25 8-9 days earlier, giving it a 20-fold increase in 8 days.  Wow - Google's going to get a HUGE boost this campaign season, which, amazingly, is already in full swing as of Feb. '07, making it a 21-month campaign.  Just think what the prices of keywords will be as the campaigns REALLY crank up.  Think it can't get much higher?  I saw bids for "residential moving companies", city-specific, for a friend's company increase from $2-3/click to over $14/click from around Dec '04 to Oct '05.  For 1 lousy click on a website.  Why didn't I go to Stanford and start a company?  Oh, I remember - I knew they wouldn't let me in, so I didn't bother trying.  Go Cardinal!


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