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Ethics of "Gaming" a System

A couple of articles openly spell out how to game 2 of the most high-profile communities today, Youtube and Digg.  One on Wired News is a confession, actually more of a declaration, of a successful "pay for Diggs" campaign, naming names, costs, and results, all in an effort to spur more effort to plug holes like this.  The other post was by Cuban over at blogmaverick (again - I'm going to have to stop reading this guy because I find myself coming around to his "'b'uck authority" mentality more and more often) and his advice to the Oscars on how he would game Youtube by overwhelming users with frustrating tease clips (you'll have to read his post to see what this is), along with what the logical outcome of that exercise would be - quite the opposite of the Academy Awards's typical old-school authoritarian response to users posting actual Oscar snippets from the broadcast.
So the question is, is it all just a game?  There really are no laws governing unruly or misbehaving users who would game such systems, as long as you're not stealing/violating I.P. laws; there's only individual sense of fair play and common decency.  Yes, it's possible to "cheat", and it's possible to profit from it.  And if it is all just a game with "winning" defined as beating the system and/or making money, is there anything wrong with trying to do just that?  Maybe it's like sex - all based on one's point of view:  if sex is viewed as "hey, this is great!  Let's do it!", then it can be exactly that; however, when viewed as "this is wrong, we shouldn't be doing it, I feel guilty", then once again, it is exactly that.  In the end, I would say it's "player's choice" in any of these games, until heavy-handed, over-bearing, liberty-infringing laws are enacted to make it officially not ok.


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